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I am not here to ask about Thrive tools (I am an ex-Thrive guy who switched to Elementor) but Sendfox. Do you personally use Sendfox? If yes, do you recommend it and why? A detailed answer would be helpful. Actually I am a bit worried about the fact that Sendox has less features and a minimal approach. But being new to email marketing, I think I need expert advice.

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I highly recommend SendFox for websites and small businesses looking to emphasize the sharing of content and growing an email list. In my review of SendFox76, I highlight why I think it's an ideal solution for most people in lieu of a more expensive and robust system like ConvertKit.

  • Very affordable compared to the monthly cost of most email service providers.
  • Easily integrate forms & landing pages for social influencers or businesses without the use of Thrive Leads (or integrate SendFox with Thrive Leads49 if that's your thing).
  • Follow-up and Drip email sequences are available
  • You can use multiple domains and businesses in ONE account
  • Way easier to learn than most similar services.

I use SendFox for my websites and my wife uses SendFox for her ecommerce business.

Right now our only complaint is that in order to connect with WooComemrce (easily) you have to use Zapier, which I personally do not like.

Let me know what you're trying to do with email and I can help you decide if you should go with SendFox or ConvertKit (or another option altogether).

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